Rescue capital has a long and occasionally sordid history in the United States, growing out of Gilded Age overreach and finding fertile ground in restructuring best practices. Hugh Larratt-Smith takes a stroll through history as he looks back on rescue capital origins before examining what its role could be in the very near future.

Where Are We in the Credit Cycle? Is It Time to Tap the Brakes?

The U.S. economy is booming and while commercial banks are still restrained by regulations, nonbank lenders are in high gear. Hugh Larratt-Smith takes an in-depth look at the current economic situation as 2019 looms ahead and says it may be time for lenders to slow down.

A Crucial Link in Complex Specialty Finance: The Role of Debt Advisors in Asset Based Lending

Navigating the waters of specialty lending can be a challenge for lenders not familiar with industries like education, staffing or cannabis. Debt advisors provide expertise in those areas and can broker deals, acting as matchmakers between borrowers and lenders. Hugh Larratt Smith takes a look at this rising industry and explains the value debt advisors can bring to specialty lending.

Opportunities and Challenges: Asset-Based Lending in 2018

The digital world has transformed every aspect of our lives. Some of us still remember pasting photographs into albums and racing to answer the telephone mounted on the wall — picking up the receiver without knowing who was on the other end of the line. Technology has changed asset-based lending in ways no one could have predicted 20 years ago. ABF Journal contributor Hugh Larratt-Smith explores the evolving ABL landscape and evaluates the impact these changes will have in 2018.

It’s All in a Name: Brands and Trademarks as Loan Collateral

Branding has become the buzz word of the 21st century for marketers promoting their products. But brands themselves have value and can be used as collateral when structuring a loan. Hugh Larratt-Smith explains how these loans are created and explores the successes and the pitfalls of lending against brands.

Brexit and Banking: Uncharted Waters Ahead

The British referendum to exit the European Union has sent shock waves around the world, causing the value of the pound to fall sharply and causing financiers to think of replacing London as the capital of the economic world. ABF Journal contributor Hugh Larratt-Smith speaks to ABL lenders to evaluate the impact of Brexit on asset-based lending.

Asset-Based Lenders and The Big Chill: The Collapse of Energy Prices

From Texas wildcatters to Oklahoma riots, the energy business has a colorful and lucrative history reaching back 100 years. Today the rise and fall of energy prices has a global impact. Hugh Larratt-Smith speaks with ABL lenders from the U.S. and abroad to provide a perspective on how ABLs will fare as market volatility continues.