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Opportunities and Challenges: Asset-Based Lending in 2018

The digital world has transformed every aspect of our lives. Some of us still remember pasting photographs into albums and racing to answer the telephone mounted on the wall — picking up the receiver without knowing who was on the other end of the line. Technology has changed asset-based lending in ways no one could have predicted 20 years ago. ABF Journal contributor Hugh Larratt-Smith explores the evolving ABL landscape and evaluates the impact these changes will have in 2018.

Villanova 2013 — Today’s Lending Environment: Industry-Specific Observations

At the sixth annual Education and Networking Conference sponsored by the New York Institute of Credit, the Philadelphia chapters of the Turnaround Management Association and Commercial Finance Association and the ABF Journal, four leaders in the commercial lending space offered their perspectives on today’s lending environment and provided observations from their respective areas of specialization.