Report: Oil Sector Bankruptcies Drop to Two-Year Low

According to the Houston Chronicle, oil sector bankruptcies have fallen to a two-year low as crude oil prices rise.

Asset-Based Lenders and The Big Chill: The Collapse of Energy Prices

From Texas wildcatters to Oklahoma riots, the energy business has a colorful and lucrative history reaching back 100 years. Today the rise and fall of energy prices has a global impact. Hugh Larratt-Smith speaks with ABL lenders from the U.S. and abroad to provide a perspective on how ABLs will fare as market volatility continues.

Fitch: Commodity Prices, Growth Challenges Burden U.S. Corporates

According to Fitch Ratings, volatile commodity prices are weighing heavily on some U.S. companies even as others enjoy stable industry fundamentals.

Bloomberg: Winners & Losers Emerging From Energy Bust

Bloomberg reported that winners and losers are emerging from the energy bust and provides commentary on a number of situations that have turned sour.

Bloomberg: Oil Surplus to Persist in 2016

Bloomberg reported that global oil markets will remain oversupplied next year as demand growth slows and Iranian exports are poised to recover with the lifting of sanctions.

Regulators Scrutinize Effect of Falling Energy Prices

Reuters reported regulators are scrutinizing the impact of falling energy prices on bank loans in a move that could make it more difficult for lenders to extend extra credit to troubled oil and gas companies.