The 2023 Deals of the Year Issue

Q4 2023 | Vol. 21, No. 4

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Editor's Letter

Senior editor of ABF Journal, Phil Neuffer, heralds in this year's Deals of the Year issue with a breakdown of the themes and topics covered in the issue. ... read more

2023 Deals of the Year

Asset-based lending is an industry built on making deals, but at the heart of every one of those transactions is a financial solution for a business. To honor this fundamental pillar of the industry, ABF Journal is proud to present its second annual Deals of the Year listing to provide a more in-depth look at some of the most intriguing and impactful transactions of 2023.... read more

Understanding The Concept and Rationale of Standard Accounts Receivable Ineligibles

Determining the eligibility of collateral is a critical part of constructing a secured loan agreement. Neha Malhotra provides an overview of common accounts receivable ineligibles to simplify this common yet technically intensive part of the field examination process.... read more

Selling A Distressed Business? Yes, a Truly Successful Exit is Possible

A traditional sale/exit of an overleveraged business is unlikely to create a successful exit for owners, but a sell-side ‘reorganizational exit’ can create far more benefit for sellers, as well as business development opportunities for secured financiers.... read more

Mastering the Art of the Covenant

Each borrower is unique, so the covenants in their loan documents should be as well. Kevin Trabaris of Edwards Maxson Mago & Macaulay LLP outlines the importance of crafting highly specific covenants and consistently monitoring and enforcing such agreements.... read more

Sound Investments: The Opportunities and Risks of Music Royalties as an Asset Class

Due to their low correlation, consistent returns and resiliency against market fluctuations, music royalties can make for very valuable investments. CJ Wei, director of private credit at Northleaf Capital Partners, outlines how investors can make the most of this increasingly attractive asset class.... read more

The Tool Collector: Vikram Savkar Brings a Varied Skill Set to Risk Management and Regulatory Compliance

With a professional background that has spanned theoretical physics, music, law and healthcare, Vikram Savkar has always found success while moving between industries. He is currently aiming to do so again as the leader of Wolters Kluwer’s Compliance Solutions business, which provides financial services clients with risk management and regulatory compliance services, content and technology solutions.... read more

Financing the Leveraged ESOP: Opportunities for Commercial Lenders Hidden in Plain Sight

Employee stock ownership plans can offer many benefits to company owners who are in the market to sell their businesses. Howard Brod Brownstein, Robert Willner and Brandon Ralph explain the ins and outs of leveraged ESOP finance and encourage lenders to identify ESOP opportunities in their existing portfolios.... read more

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