Top Women in Specialty Finance + Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Q1 2024 | Vol. 22, No. 1

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2024 Top Women in Specialty Finance

In ABF Journal’s fourth annual top women in specialty finance feature, more than 50 of the leading women in the sector shared their career accomplishments, as well as their perspectives on career development, mentorship, team dynamics and more.... read more

Recovering and Evolving: Views on the Current Bank ABL Market

Higher rates, money tightening and interference from regulators following regional banking turmoil in 2023 have severely affected the banking industry. Bank leaders across the asset-based lending space sat down to discuss what it all means for the bank ABL sector... read more

A Light That Never Goes Out: Sheila Smith’s Incredible Impact on Restructuring and Beyond

Sheila Smith approached every piece of her life with a verve and energy only matched by her signature vibrant style. Despite her recent passing, her ability to build relationships and educate and promote others will have a lasting positive impact on both the turnaround and restructuring community and the world at large.... read more

The Benefits of Supplier Diversity: Supporting Community & Improving Your Bottom Line

Building a supplier diversity program is a great way for corporations, private equity firms and other companies to support the economy while reducing costs. Lamont Robinson outlines how these programs work and how to measure their success.... read more

Examining The Eligibility of Inventory as Collateral in Asset-based Lending Agreements

Not all types of inventory are treated the same when being considered as collateral within a lending agreement. Neha Malhotra follows up a previous article on accounts receivable ineligibles to discuss types of ineligible inventory as well as how such inventory is appraised from a lending perspective.... read more

Representing The Under-Represented: U.S. Bank's Business Diversity Lending Program

Nearly half of all companies with employees in the U.S. are owned by underrepresented groups, yet such businesses often lack access to capital. U.S. Bank provides an overview of its business diversity lending program, which was designed to address the wealth gap.... read more

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