Workout Considerations to Make 2017 “A Happy New Year”

Even lenders who exercise the most thorough due diligence sometimes have to exit their loans. Turnaround specialist Ken Mann offers tips to help lenders make smart decisions in 2017.

An M&A Advisor’s Perspective: Eight Common Mistakes Companies Make During a Turnaround

Turning around and/or selling the assets of a distressed company is filled with pitfalls. Ken Mann points out eight common mistakes that occur during the turnaround process. Avoiding these mistakes is tantamount to realizing a satisfactory recovery.

Heritage Equity Wins Award for Mallygirl Reorganization

Heritage Equity Partners won the Turnaround Atlas Award Consumer Products & Services Restructuring of the Year Award for its Mallygirl Chapter 11 reorganization.

Distressed Lending: When to Consider Collateral over Cash Flow for Underwriting Term Loans

Using collateral instead of future cash flow may be in the lender’s best interest when underwriting a term loan. Joe Upson and Ken Mann explain how to evaluate when it is best to use collateral and what types of assets are safest for a lender to use.

Heritage Equity Partners Manager is M&A Advisor Turnaround Award Winner

Heritage Equity Partners senior managing director, Ken Mann, was named Distressed M&A Dealmaker of the Year by M&A Advisor.