Buyers are Hungry but Sellers are King: 600 Companies Still See a Seller’s Market

Citizens Bank’s latest survey on mergers and acquisitions shows an active market where sellers still have their choice of potential buyers. Ralph Della Ratta breaks down the results and provides reasons on why the market continues to look rosy even as many companies become more cautious of a potential economic downturn.

Debt Underwriters Reject Deals as Documentation Erodes

Reuters reported that European leveraged finance bankers are rejecting the opportunity to underwrite some buyout transactions because of aggressive private equity firm demands.

Once Again, the Bulls are Running: 2018 Citizens Bank M&A Survey Reflects Strong Sellers’ Market

In 2017, Citizens Bank took an unusual step with its annual M&A Advisory Survey — it polled business decision-makers before and after the election to test the impact. Optimism was high in the post-election survey, and in 2018, it is higher still. Ralph Della Ratta, head of M&A Advisory at Citizens Capital Markets, explains why this is a good time to sell and encourages lenders to push customers towards eager buyers.

Economic Optimism Fuels 2018 Middle Market M&A Scene

Interest among middle market companies in both buying and selling has increased significantly in the past year, according to the seventh annual Citizens Commercial Banking Middle Market M&A Outlook.

Global M&A Activity Predicted to Increase in Q1/18

The Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor forecasts that the number of worldwide announced M&A deals in Q1/18 will increase by around 2% compared to Q1/17.

LPC: U.S. Merger Lending on Rise, Waiting for Trump Reforms

Reuters reported that mergers and takeovers are increasing in the U.S. after a sparse first quarter as corporations, unwilling to wait for the Trump administration’s delayed tax, trade or healthcare reforms rush to close new deals.

Even More Fuel: Citizens Survey Predicts Favorable 2017 for M&A Post-Election

Last fall, the Citizens Bank Commercial Markets Team conducted its annual M&A outlook survey for 2017, which predicted a busy year for mergers and acquisitions. Respondents indicated that their perceptions of the market in 2017 did not depend on the results of the presidential election. A survey conducted in February showed that might not have been the case, though, as overall optimism in the economy has increased. Head of Corporate Finance and Capital Markets at Citizens Commercial Banking Bob Rubino broke down the results of the new survey in an interview with ABF Journal.

Citizens Survey: Urgency Drives 2017 M&A Outlook

Citizens Commercial Banking released its annual Middle Market M&A Outlook for 2017, based on a survey of 600 C-level executives. The forecast? 2017 could be a busy year for M&A transactions as both buyers and sellers feel it’s time to act. Head of Corporate Finance and Capital Markets at Citizens Commercial Banking, Bob Rubino broke down the results in detail for ABF Journal, including what’s fueling the M&A activity and how the national election results can affect the outlook.

M&A Survey: Sense of Urgency Affecting Buyers and Sellers

According to a survey of 600 middle-market companies conducted by Citizens Bank, both buyers and sellers are going into 2017 with a renewed sense of urgency.

An M&A Advisor’s Perspective: Eight Common Mistakes Companies Make During a Turnaround

Turning around and/or selling the assets of a distressed company is filled with pitfalls. Ken Mann points out eight common mistakes that occur during the turnaround process. Avoiding these mistakes is tantamount to realizing a satisfactory recovery.