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Selling Distressed Assets: As Shakespeare Might Say, ‘To 363 or Not to 363, That is the Question’

While the bankruptcy process is a useful tool for selling a company’s distressed assets, it can come at a significant cost. Lately, more often than not, many creditors, lenders and companies are opting to try an out-of-court approach. Lincoln International’s Joseph Radecki and Jason Solganick discuss the pros and cons to selling distressed assets both in the bankruptcy process and in out-of-court situations.

Trading Bankruptcy Claims … Watch Out for the Finer Points!

Speculating on “bad debt” dates back to colonial times when investors purchased individual claims at a fraction of their value against the strapped colonies with the hopes that the new government would eventually pay the claims in full. While much has changed since then, bankruptcy claims trading is still in practice by sophisticated investors with the acumen to estimate the timing and amount of payment. For sellers, the practice can significantly expedite liquidity, yet it is not with risk.

A Look Back at 2011 – So Far, What’s So

The year 2011 began on a hopeful note with signals that the U.S. economy was showing signs of strength in 2010. This, after a dismal and disappointing 2009. In the following article, Great America’s Michael Petruski returns to review the first three quarters of 2011 with a look at industries and markets where asset-based loans are directly affect by change and cyclicality.