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Retail Relief: Amend the UCC to End the Filing Requirement to Perfect Consignment Interests

Placing goods on consignment is a common occurrence in retail, but to perfect those goods, consignors are required to file with the UCC and give notice to other secured parties. Many consignors fail to follow this procedure and end up as unsecured creditors if the retailer files for Chapter 11. Stephen Selbst argues it is time to change the law.

Chapter 11, Five Cards at a Time: Secured Lenders Hold ‘Em or Bust

To Hahn Loeser & Parks Partner Rocco I. Debitetto, navigating Chapter 11 is like playing a hand of no-limit Texas Hold ‘Em. By understanding the fundamentals of the popular poker variation relying on mathematically and psychologically correct decisions, secured lenders can control the money pot. First move: Take stock of who’s at the table, evaluate their interests and envision their strategy.