The Communication Protocol: An Important Component of a Business Turnaround

The initial stages of a turnaround can be chaotic for both the consultant and the stakeholders. Establishing a communications protocol at the start of the engagement can create an orderly process that keeps everyone updated in a timely fashion. Patrick Walsh provides a protocol and explains how management, lenders and the consultant will benefit from using it.

Turnaround Management: 2017 and Beyond

Economic uncertainty has traditionally been good for turnaround professionals. But the game has changed, and unregulated lenders can call a different tune. Howard Brod Brownstein looks into his crystal ball and predicts a mixed bag for turnaround pros under the new administration.

Desperate Times Call for Effective Turnarounds

In an excerpt from their book, Transformation: Delivering and Sustaining Breakthrough Performance, Boston Consulting Group’s Lars Fæste, Jochen Schoenfelder, Christian Brub and Christoph Lay discuss the essential steps needed to create a transformational turnaround and restructuring effort.

Workout Considerations to Make 2017 “A Happy New Year”

Even lenders who exercise the most thorough due diligence sometimes have to exit their loans. Turnaround specialist Ken Mann offers tips to help lenders make smart decisions in 2017.

Regaining Profitability: Five Key Steps to a Successful Turnaround

Kelley A. McLaren and Luis Lluberas were part of the team that brought Bost Distributing back to financial viability, arranged for a sale and rebranding and saved the jobs of more than 50 workers. For their efforts, the TMA honored the team with the Small Company Turnaround of the Year award. McLaren and Lluberas offer five steps for a successful turnaround that can be applicable to all companies, large or small.

Distressed Lending: When to Consider Collateral over Cash Flow for Underwriting Term Loans

Using collateral instead of future cash flow may be in the lender’s best interest when underwriting a term loan. Joe Upson and Ken Mann explain how to evaluate when it is best to use collateral and what types of assets are safest for a lender to use.

The Volatile Energy Industry: Restructuring to Survive

As the price of oil continues its downward spiral, energy companies need to retrench and retract. Monty Kehl and Dennis Ulak of Huron Business Advisory provide a road map for survival.

October 2015

October 2015
Turnaround Management
Vol. 13, No. 7

The Quick Sale Devolution of Chapter 11: A Call to Amend Bankruptcy Code Sale Provisions

Lowenstein Sandler’s Ken Rosen addresses section 363 of the Bankruptcy Code, a provision that permits a bulk sale of all debtor assets. He asserts that rapid sales deprive debtors of the ability to utilize the tools of Chapter 11, which is not what Congress intended.

Dodging Risk & Driving Growth: Proactive Management for Potentially Troubled Borrowers

Clear Thinking Group’s Lee Diercks shares proactive strategies asset-based lenders can take to minimize
risk while supporting consistent growth. He suggests enlisting the help of third-party financial advisors
and underwriters, requiring a solid business plan from borrowers and focusing on strategy, execution
and revenue generation.