Brownstein Named American Bar Foundation Fellow

Brownstein Corporation CEO Howard Brod Brownstein has been named a Fellow of the American Bar Foundation.

TAKING THE TEMPERATURE OF THE BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Why Lenders Should Pay More Attention to Their Borrowers’ Corporate Governance

A strong, independent board of directors can help keep a company on the right financial track. Howard Brod Brownstein, who sits on several corporate boards himself, urges lenders to take a hard look at a borrower’s board of directors before extending a loan or agreeing to forbearance. Brownstein makes a case for lenders to insist on corporate governance before handing over the cash.

After a Volatile Political Year, What’s Next for Turnaround Professionals

After the 2016 election, Howard Brod Brownstein shared his observations of the challenges facing the turnaround industry. A year later, after the passage of new tax reforms and with the threat of tariffs and new world conflicts, he looks into his crystal ball once more to see what the future holds for the restructuring industry.

Turnaround Management: 2017 and Beyond

Economic uncertainty has traditionally been good for turnaround professionals. But the game has changed, and unregulated lenders can call a different tune. Howard Brod Brownstein looks into his crystal ball and predicts a mixed bag for turnaround pros under the new administration.

Turnaround Professional Brownstein Joins NHS Board

Turnaround professional and ABF Journal contributing editor Howard Brod Brownstein joined the board of directors of NJS, a provider of community-based education.

Lenders and Turnaround Professionals: A Changing Relationship

Traditionally, lenders and turnaround professionals have worked in tandem to assure a positive outcome for the lender and the borrower. But since the onset of the Great Recession, that relationship has undergone many changes. Veteran turnaround professional and ABF Journal Contributing Editor Howard Brownstein shares some observations on this changing relationship.

Brownstein Appointed to Board of A.M. Castle

Howard Brod Brownstein has been named to the A.M. Castle board of directors to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of board member Allan J. Young.

PICO Holdings Names Brownstein, Marino II as New Directors

PICO Holdings has appointed Howard Brod Brownstein and Raymong V. Marino II as independent directors on its board.

Brownstein Named President of NACD Philadelphia Chapter

The Philadelphia Chapter of the National Association of Corporate Directors appointed Terence J. Connors as chairman and Howard Brod Brownstein as president.

When the Borrower Tosses the Keys… Should You Catch Them?

While a borrower’s offer to hand over the keys may be enticing, it is frequently the beginning of lengthy negotiations between the lenders over the terms and conditions of the proposed transfer, and the structure and governance of the acquiring entity.