Liquid Capital Provides Factoring Facility for Air Oasis

Liquid Capital provided an A/R factoring facility for Air Oasis, a Florida-based HVAC installation company.

Law Firm Financing on the Stand: Controversial Financing Enables Firms to Withstand Long-Term Litigation

Litigation involving hundreds or thousands of clients can take years to resolve, putting a financial strain on law firms working on a contingency basis. While banks are willing to provide loans based on a firm’s hard assets, law firm finance companies are willing to lend based on anticipated fees, account receivables and other assets. Attorney Kelly Anthony explains this new type of specialty lending and defends it against industry detractors.

Hand-to-Hand Combat and the Need for Second Lien Financing

As credit tightens, middle market companies are being squeezed from all sides. Lenders offering short term second lien or stretch loans can work with ABL lenders to help these companies stay liquid.

April 2016

April 2016
Specialty Lending
Vol. 14, No. 3

Purchase Order Finance: Keeping the Cash Flowing Along the Supply Chain

There are many pitfalls along the supply chain that impact cash flow, especially when working with overseas suppliers. Bryan Ballowe illustrates ways purchase order finance can help maintain liquidity and provide a structure that supports successful merchandise delivery.

Paying for the Tinsel: The Unromantic Task of Financing Independent Movies

Hollywood is full of Cinderalla stories — plucky independent movies like Rocky and My Big Fat Greek Wedding that defy the odds and become blockbusters. Adrian Ward, senior vice president at Pacific Mercantile Bank, has been financing independent movies for 25 years without reading a script. He shares the true story behind the financing of independent film productions.

From Brick-and-Mortar to E-Commerce: Commercial Finance’s Evolving Role in Retail

Retail sales are moving from brick-and-mortar to the Internet. Opportunities still abound for commercial finance consultants, but Donald Barrick points out there are obstacles to be avoided in this new environment.

Bridging the Gap: Forming an Alternative Debt Financing Alliance

Patrick Dalton examines the changing role of alternative lenders in the rapidly evolving lending landscape. Due to regulatory constraints, he says it is often in the best interest of a borrower — and a senior lender — to form a strategic partnership with an alternative lender that has institutional knowledge of various asset classes.

International Factoring: Conquering the Last Frontier of Specialty Lending

Liquid Capital’s Scott Kaufman believes international factoring is now entering the mainstream, thanks
to greater process transparency. He outlines common fears associated with doing business overseas —
such as risk, regulation and expenses — and discusses strategies to alleviate international anxiety.

Asked to Exit or Want to Improve Terms — What to Look for When Seeking a New Lender

When a borrower has been underperforming — or performing better than projected — the need to find a new lender may arise, which creates a unique opportunity on both sides. Robert D. Katz, president of Executive Sounding Board Associates, walks us through the many considerations attendant to either scenario, whether borrower or lender.