Counsel Financial Promotes Two Senior Executives

Counsel Financial promoted two of its long-time employees. Paul Cody, MBA, CPA was named CEO of the company, and Ryan Kagels was named CFO.

Law Firm Financing on the Stand: Controversial Financing Enables Firms to Withstand Long-Term Litigation

Litigation involving hundreds or thousands of clients can take years to resolve, putting a financial strain on law firms working on a contingency basis. While banks are willing to provide loans based on a firm’s hard assets, law firm finance companies are willing to lend based on anticipated fees, account receivables and other assets. Attorney Kelly Anthony explains this new type of specialty lending and defends it against industry detractors.

Counsel Financial Expands Lending for Plaintiffs’ Attorneys in LA

Counsel Financial, a provider of working capital for plaintiffs’ attorneys in the U.S., expanded its footprint in Louisiana.