Paying for the Tinsel: The Unromantic Task of Financing Independent Movies - Hollywood is full of Cinderalla stories — plucky independent movies like Rocky and My Big Fat Greek Wedding that defy the odds and become blockbusters. Adrian Ward, senior vice president at Pacific Mercantile Bank, has been financing independent movies for 25 years without reading a script. He shares the true story behind the financing of independent film productions.


A Better Solution for Identifying Syndicated Loans? The FIGI ID System Provides Consistency and Transparency - Syndicating loans has pitfalls for both investors looking for deals and financial institutions packaging the loans. The Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) streamlines the process and adds transparency to assist both lenders and investors. Mark Betteridge explains how to use this new standard.
The Outlook for ABS: Five Key Takeaways from ABS Las Vegas 2016 - What is the current state of the ABS industry? Participants at this year’s ABS Vegas gathering responded to a survey by Capital One. Dave Kucera shares the results.
Overleverage in the Oil and Gas Industry: Effects on Bank Redeterminations - As the spring 2016 bank redetermination season approaches, Doug Booth and Brock Hudson take a look at the fallout from the 2015 fall redetermination and analyze the impact of falling energy prices.
Fintech Factoring: The World’s Oldest Method of Finance Goes Online - Before revolving credit, venture capital and equity investments, there was factoring. Today, the world’s oldest method of raising business capital has moved online. With the push of a button, companies can sell their accounts receivable and have funds in their accounts within hours. ABF Journal editor Nadine Bonner speaks with the owners of two fintech factoring companies and their clients to see how factoring has been revolutionized.
Home in the Middle: Finding a Role on a Complex Continuum - After a 26-year career working on both regional and global enterprises, Gordon Brothers Finance CEO Gene Martin brings an optimistic work ethic to the middle market.


Distressed Lending: When to Consider Collateral over Cash Flow for Underwriting Term Loans - Using collateral instead of future cash flow may be in the lender’s best interest when underwriting a term loan. Joe Upson and Ken Mann explain how to evaluate when it is best to use collateral and what types of assets are safest for a lender to use.


Purchase Order Finance: Keeping the Cash Flowing Along the Supply Chain - There are many pitfalls along the supply chain that impact cash flow, especially when working with overseas suppliers. Bryan Ballowe illustrates ways purchase order finance can help maintain liquidity and provide a structure that supports successful merchandise delivery.


Credit Bidding After Fisker: Challenges Lacking Substance Will Not Be Upheld - Controversy over credit bidding continues in bankruptcy cases. Stephen Selbst examines the cases that have followed Fisker Automobile Holdings and illustrates how the “for cause” limitation has played out.


Encina Capital, Oaktree Affiliate Launch New ABL Platform - It’s spring! Oaktree Capital Management is branching out and launching Encina Business Credit, an independent asset-based lending platform. Artist Jerry Gonzalez illustrates this new financial planting.