MORE THAN SCIENCE FICTION: AI Is Transforming Commercial and Specialty Lending

Artificial intelligence is no longer confined to creepy computers on the silver screen. Financial professionals are using AI to improve underwriting and identify likely borrowers. Dave Kucera shares an overview of the benefits of AI for lenders.

Results of the Capital One Annual ABS Survey: ABS, Technology on Upswing in Lending World

Thousands of financial professionals converged on Las Vegas in February for the annual SFIG Vegas event, providing a perfect opportunity to solicit their opinions on issues affecting the industry. Capital One conducted a survey at the annual conference, and Dave Kucera examines the results with ABF Journal editor Nadine Bonner.

Robust Results: Upswing Leaves ABL Lenders Optimistic for 2018

Despite political turbulence and Mother Nature running amuck, ABL lenders saw an upswing in business in 2017 after two flat years. ABF Journal contributor Lisa Miller spoke with five ABL executives who described a robust year filled with new partnerships and business opportunities and an optimistic outlook for 2018.

The Outlook for ABS: Five Key Takeaways from ABS Las Vegas 2016

What is the current state of the ABS industry? Participants at this year’s ABS Vegas gathering responded to a survey by Capital One. Dave Kucera shares the results.