Solifi, a global fintech software company, partnered with Codat to make it easier for customers to optimize business operations, streamline processes and make informed decisions securely and accurately. Using pre-built APIs, Codat enables consented business data from small- and medium-sized business (SMB) banking, accounting and commerce platforms to integrate into operational systems in real time. This

“We are excited to partner with Codat to provide a seamless online experience for our customers and their borrowers,” Bill Noel, chief product officer at Solifi, said. “Together with Solifi’s ABL SaaS solution, automating this process and connecting disparate systems retrieves insights in real time to help ABL customers make faster and more informed decisions.”

Partnering with Codat using prebuilt APIs, ABL lenders can retrieve real-time accounts receivable, accounts payable, inventory and P&L activity directly from the borrower’s online accounting package effortlessly. This reporting ensures the lender has the latest, most accurate, and secure views into collateral value, covenant compliance and the overall borrower’s financial strength.

“Our partnership will enable Solifi’s customers to automate the collection, standardization, and analysis of the data needed for underwriting,” Philip Low, head of partnerships at Codat, said. “With very little heavy lifting, Codat’s API will integrate systems and empower ABL lenders with access to actionable insights so that they can make fully informed lending decisions, reduce risk and ultimately increase profitability.”