RDM Capital Funding, a technology enabled specialty finance company, is formally rebranding as FinTap. The rebrand is part of RDM’s growth strategy and comes after the company closed its up to $50 million credit facility with Arena Investors, marking an increase from its first facility of $7.5 million in 2018. As part of the rebrand, RDM will enhance its internal IT.

Since its founding in 2015, RDM Capital Funding has provided more than $55 million to more than 1,000 small businesses in more than 100 industries across the United States. Over the past several years, RDM has secured two credit facilities and expanding its book of business by scaling its funding volume.

“The rebrand along with our new technology stack will better allow us to project outwardly what already is our culture internally,” Reuven Mirlis, CEO and founder of FinTap, said. “We have a culture of constant iteration and optimization and having our brand better align with that is important. Our recently closed credit facility of up to $50 million along with the two aforementioned changes will set us on a strong path of growth over the next few years and into the future. As part of our evolution, we will be looking to roll out a complementary product offering in Q2 of 2022.”

Together with the name change, the company has a new logo and website. RDM has already rolled out its new technology internally, with its strategy going forward to integrate tech improvements, roll out new products for its partners and diversify into other service offerings outside of its receivables financing product. Additionally, RDM is working on expanding its customer base and enhancing its product offerings.

“As the world continues to accelerate its move from analog to digital, continuing to build and add more functionality becomes more important for our current and future growth. One example is that the newly built platform allows our larger partners to a send us deals through an API integration. This creates a smoother experience for all parties,” Mirlis said.