Mars Growth Capital, a joint venture between Liquidity Capital and MUFG, closed a $5.5 million financing agreement with Fusion Sport, an Australian-based sports performance technology company, to drive the company’s international expansion.

Mars Growth Capital deployed Liquidity Capital’s DYNAMiCS omni corporate credit machine learning platform to perform a due diligence process in 24 hours. Mars Growth Capital leverages the platform to analyze companies and provide access to capital. This is the 12th transaction completed by the fund this year alone, with an average turnaround time of 14 days.

Launched in 2003, Fusion Sport is a technology company that builds human performance and health analytics platforms that are used by more than 1,500 organizations, including USA Basketball, British Gymnastics and the United States Air Force. The company’s Smartabase platform centralizes performance information securely in the cloud and analyzes data to provide training, nutrition and treatment recommendations. The company’s suite of products supports more than 250,000 competitive athletes and soldiers, including athletes in the recent Tokyo Olympics.

“Data analytics technologies such as Fusion Sport’s Smartabase platform has been quietly transforming the world of sports and enabled professional sports clubs to improve their performance by making data-driven decisions. Through meeting with the Fusion Sport team, coupled with the analysis using our DYNAMiCS platform, we quickly recognized that Fusion Sport is a leading human performance innovator with tremendous growth potential. We are excited to play a role in supporting international expansion plans as they work towards transforming the future of sport,” Yaron Primovich, managing director of Mars Growth Capital, said.

“Liquidity Capital was founded by a team that understands technology and are entrepreneurs themselves,” Markus Deutsch, CEO and co-founder of Fusion Sport, said. “This means they can offer capital that fits our growth trajectory as we enter this next phase of expansion. We’re excited to bring tech-augmented human performance to more markets and organizations globally.”

“Our business is focused on helping high potential companies with proven products and track records to realize their ambitions,” Ron Daniel, CEO and founder of Liquidity Capital, said. “Our investment process is what sets us apart and helps us to easily and quickly identify companies that fit with our criteria. We are committed to making smart investment decisions, deploying capital quickly and helping the companies we work with benefit from the flexibility to move forward with their strategies.”