No, Actually Malls Aren’t Dead: Three Reasons Why

It seems like only yesterday that the mall replaced Main Street as the place to hang out with friends, grab a burger or hunt for a pair of trendy jeans. Now the internet and social media have turned many malls into ghost towns as brick-and-mortar stores struggle to stay afloat and kids hang out on Snapchat and Instagram instead of the food court. But many malls are fighting back and using technology to reinvent themselves. Writer/editor Natalie Burg reports that malls aren’t dead yet.

Managing ‘Big Data’ — The Key to True Collateral Value & Risk Control

Michael Charleston, Bayside Business Solutions program manager, outlines how lenders can adapt to a fast-paced, data-rich environment by utilizing portfolio management systems that customize controls and workflows to meet the unique requirements of each collateral type on a deal-by-deal basis.

2013 CFO Outlook: U.S. Senior Financial Execs Focus Forward

Corporate leaders look for signs of sustained economic recovery to embolden strategies that drive meaningful innovation and growth.

Mid-Size Companies Anticipate Growth in 2013

With revenue growth among middle-market companies picking up by the end of 2012, according to a recent survey by The National Center for the Middle Market, Tom Quindlen, president and CEO of GE Capital, Corporate Finance, explains that the sector finally might be turning a corner and preparing for better days.

TD Economics Forecast: Fiscal Austerity Will Slow Economic Growth in the Years Ahead

TD Economics said in its latest quarterly economic forecast that economic growth over the last year has been modest, but healing has continued as the housing market has become a tailwind rather than a headwind. The worst of the deleveraging cycle and its dampening effect on economic growth appears to be over, TD says, but, just as the U.S. economy appears set for take-off, one obstacle remains.

With Fewer Opportunities and Lower Utilization — What Comes Next in Restructuring?

Ongoing sluggish economic growth and high levels of corporate debt created an expectation that post-recession restructuring activity would continue at a reasonable pace. However, as measured by U.S. bankruptcies, the trend seems to have reversed. AlixPartners’ Thomas Osmun and Joseph Mazzotti examine where the bankruptcies have gone, activities that have taken their place and what it means for the restructuring industry.

The Great EBITDA Myth

Although some would describe EBITDA as a way to measure a company’s operating performance, free of debt cost, taxes, depreciation and amortization, veteran turnaround advisor Ted Gavin prefers to call EBITDA a fairytale told to investors and credit managers. In this no-holds-barred article, Gavin explains why …

GE CCO Discusses NCMM Survey Loan Issuance Off, Yet Still a Lot of Supply

GE Capital recently partnered with the Ohio State University Fisher College of Business to establish the National Center for the Middle Market, which produces a Middle Market Indicator Survey. ABF Journal spoke with GE Capital’s Robert McCarrick as he relayed the findings of the survey and explained that although there is increasing pessimism about the economy and loan issuance is off, there is still financing out there — a benefit to both lenders and borrowers.

Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility ABL, Factoring Software Must Be Tailored to Both Borrows & Lenders’ Needs

Opportunities are there for those with the tools and talent to seek them out. Even with the additional requirements placed on lenders by regulators and auditors both the factoring and asset-based lending industries have experienced growth in recent years. William Stucky & Associates’ Roseanne Doyle discusses the software requirements and flexibility needed to ensure success for both lenders and borrowers.

2012 CFO Outlook: A Survey of What Finance Chiefs Expect

Lower economic confidence and more concerns, but U.S. financial executives staying the course.