Author: Shannon Browne

Villanova 2013 — Today’s Lending Environment: Industry-Specific Observations

At the sixth annual Education and Networking Conference sponsored by the New York Institute of Credit, the Philadelphia chapters of the Turnaround Management Association and Commercial Finance Association and the ABF Journal, four leaders in the commercial lending space offered their perspectives on today’s lending environment and provided observations from their respective areas of specialization.

Film Financing… It’s Not About Box Office Performance

In a Q&A with ABF Journal publisher Jerry Parrotto, Joe Woolf, executive vice president, media and entertainment finance, OneWest Bank, talks about the key risks with film production loans, which usually involve a detailed cash-flow budget, timeline to produce the film and a collateral pool known as “pre-sales” to support the financing. Lenders will typically mitigate risk via the engagement of a third party that monitors production and cash-flows to ensure the project is completed on time and on budget.

‘Mission Driven’ — Restructuring Lower Bucks Hospital

Restructuring expert Robert Katz analyzes the turnaround of Lower Bucks Hospital, which found itself in a cash-flow crisis due to reductions in federal and state reimbursements and increases in healthcare and other costs. Katz notes the special challenges in restructuring a “mission driven” organization that impacts livelihoods as well as lives

ABLs Face Excess Liquidity, Fierce Competition… And It’s Not Abating Anytime Soon

With so much liquidity in the marketplace and the need to deploy it, banks and other lenders are entering the asset-based lending marketplace. ABF Journal speaks with five ABL leaders to get their insights on today’s competitive lending environment and their respective strategies to stimulate deal flow and to differentiate their institutions on such a crowded playing field.

When Restructuring Reveals Fraud… MainStream Management Uncovers Ponzi Scheme

When MainStream Management’s Jim Burritt and his colleagues entered GLC Limited’s warehouse, they were stunned to find a rodent-infested mish-mash of food items, chipped pottery and clothing, instead of the appliances they expected. After investigating GLC Limited’s business practices and inventory, MainStream ultimately revealed a Ponzi scheme that had bilked investors out of millions of dollars.