Author: Shannon Browne

Watch Your Step — Insurance Pitfalls Threaten Even the Strongest Turnaround Strategy

Insufficient insurance coverage can be the undetected landmine in a turnaround strategy. Harvey Topitz explains that relying on Certificates of Insurance or Declaration Pages to ensure complete insurance can expose the business — and the turnaround professional — to liabilities presented by endorsements, exclusions and omissions. In short, the large print giveth and the small print taketh away.

With Fewer Opportunities and Lower Utilization — What Comes Next in Restructuring?

Ongoing sluggish economic growth and high levels of corporate debt created an expectation that post-recession restructuring activity would continue at a reasonable pace. However, as measured by U.S. bankruptcies, the trend seems to have reversed. AlixPartners’ Thomas Osmun and Joseph Mazzotti examine where the bankruptcies have gone, activities that have taken their place and what it means for the restructuring industry.

Anatomy of a Turnaround: For the CRO, the Meltdown at Dippin’ Dots Became Personal

After 20 years of success, ice cream maker Dippin’ Dots faced a variety of hurdles due to growing pains, an uncertain economic environment and a deteriorated relationship with its secured lender, which led to its Chapter 11 filing. Conway Mackenzie’s Greg Charleston was appointed CRO to navigate the company toward a new owner while avoiding a potential meltdown. Along the way, he found that working on this case proved to become a more personal experience than many others.