LSQ funded a $65 million working capital invoice finance facility for Continuum Global Solutions, a provider of omnichannel contact center services worldwide via voice and non-voice channel, including chat, email and social media.

Continuum will use LSQ’s invoice finance facility to replace an existing line of credit. LSQ will also be providing the company with accounts receivable management solutions, including customer credit, risk management and collections through the LSQ FastTrack platform.

“This new facility with LSQ allows Continuum to continue our growth plans for the foreseeable future,” Michael Flodin, CEO of Continuum Global Solutions, said. “The structure of the arrangement also allows us the flexibility needed to achieve these goals.”

LSQ worked with partner Skyview Capital to complete the financing for Continuum, which is a portfolio company of Skyview, according to Miguel Serricchio, executive vice president of channel management and strategy at LSQ.

“The company is looking forward to this new relationship and appreciative for the creative structure which allows Continuum to stay on its growth trajectory,” Dean Estrada, managing director at Skyview Capital, said.

“We are extremely appreciative of the opportunity to work with Continuum as they continue to grow their business,” Serricchio said. “Working with partners like Skyview is the lifeblood of all that we do to serve clients, and we are honored that they put their trust in us to help further their business relationships.”