OpenWeb, a community engagement platform, acquired the proprietary audience management platform Jeeng.

JMP Securities served as Jeeng’s financial advisor in the transaction.

Jeeng supports 150 million unique monthly visitors and more than 650 publishers, helping them more build relationships with readers across multiple channels with personalized messaging. Using AI technology, Jeeng leverages first-party data to deliver content tailored to users’ interests across email, push and other channels.

The acquisition of Jeeng’s proprietary solutions will allow OpenWeb to expand its base of over 100 million active users and 1,000-plus publishers

“This acquisition brings us closer to our goal of ‘OpenWeb Everywhere,’ giving brands and publishers the ability to communicate with hundreds of millions of users across every online platform they encounter – messaging, email, notifications, newsreaders, interactive conversations and more,” Nadav Shoval, CEO and co-founder of OpenWeb, said. “With the demise of third-party cookies, collapsing trust in social media and the segmentation of online audiences, publishers and advertisers need to talk to their users one-on-one, in a personalized way. With Jeeng’s capabilities, we can continue to build and strengthen those individual relationships.”

“Users are bombarded with messages directed at them online every day, and publishers need a way to break through that noise and deliver curated content,” Haim Sasson CFO of OpenWeb, said. “This unified company will be the definitive partner for publishers and advertisers to move away from the walled gardens of social media and establish more thoughtful, more secure connections with audiences.”

“OpenWeb and Jeeng are the perfect fit as we share the same vision,” Jeff Kupietzky, CEO of Jeeng, said. “OpenWeb is leading the industry in cultivating innovative, safe, and Web3-ready decentralized social experiences. Jeeng has excelled at providing personalized, automated communications with built-in monetization. Together, we’re forming a hyper-targeted and first-party data-rich 360-degree experience.”