Author: ABF Journal

PART I: UCC Insurance for Secured Lenders: Improved Risk Management in a Fragile Economy

Although the fourth-quarter 2009 has shown modest signs of stabilization in consumer sectors, the nation�s economy remains fragile, with many indicators suggesting a broadening of the credit crisis to commercial and corporate sectors of the economy. Particularly exposed is the credit quality and capital of secured lenders, the reliability of traditional underwriting tools employed by […]

Letters of Intent and Avoiding the Unintended

Letters of intent or memoranda of understanding are frequently used in private equity transactions to evidence the preliminary understanding of a potential transaction before the parties commit significant time and resources to the transaction. Often such documents are prepared and negotiated by deal professionals based on the precedent from the last deal or another similar […]

G-20 Takes First Steps on Global Regulatory Reform

In this, the second installment of�s Web-exclusive content, Christopher Moraff reports on the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh to provide our Web readers with first-hand coverage of the event as the heads of the world�s 20 largest economies gathered to tackle a number of issues ranging from giving greater oversight to the IMF to addressing […]