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Balancing Act — TMA’s Ninth Annual Mid-Atlantic Symposium Attendees to ‘Seek Stability’ in Atlantic City

This year’s TMA Mid-Atlantic Regional Symposium — Creating Stability in a Seesaw Environment — will be held at Atlantic City’s Borgata Hotel June 8-10. To offset the gravity of slated sessions, which range from municipal budget crises to the shift in the lending landscape, the symposium planning committee has selected a political satirist to deliver this year’s keynote speech.

The Data Driven Turnaround — Data Explosion Offers an Embarrassment of Riches, But Peril for Those Who Fail to Keep Pace

The pace of technological change has been rapid for the past generation, but it is only in looking back that one can begin to perceive broader trends in what has seemed to many to be a deluge of tools, gadgets and relentless complexity. While this generation of unrelenting technological progress has paid numerous dividends, it also represents considerable peril, especially for companies in distress. The operations of companies are becoming increasingly data-centric and so must successful turnarounds.