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BofA, Citibank and SMBC Agent Amendments to Digital Realty’s Revolving Credit Facilities

Digital Realty amended its existing global revolving credit facility and Japanese yen-denominated revolving credit facility. BofA Securities and Citibank are the sustainability structuring agents for the global revolver and SMBC is the sustainability structuring agent for the yen-denominated revolver.

Goldman Sachs Structures $1B Warehouse Facility for Griffin/Bain Capital Credit Entities

Palisade Aviation Holdings Warehouse, Ltd. and Palisade Aviation Holdings Warehouse, LLC, which were jointly established by Griffin Global Asset Management and Bain Capital Credit, closed a $1 billion senior secured warehouse facility with Goldman Sachs as the structuring agent.

Big Boys Don’t Cry, But Fraudsters Do

By Evan Flaschen “Big boy” disclaimers are a staple of the debt syndication and trading marketplaces. While their enforceability vis-à-vis an SEC fraud investigation has always been suspect (due to public policy considerations), they are generally viewed as creating an enforceable contract between the syndicator/seller and the buyer themselves. The theory is that a sophisticated […]