The Post-Recession Environment… A ‘Mixed Bag’ for Factoring Companies

Neville Grusd, COO at Merchants Factors, provides commentary on how the factoring industry changed in the post-recession environment and walks us through a series of scenarios that give dimension to this multi-faceted industry. Grusd adds a few thought-provoking insights to provide texture in describing why the current environment is a “mixed bag” for factors.

FactorsNetwork Launches Chameleon Catcher Service

FactorsNetwork formally unveiled its latest offering: Chameleon Catcher, an application that helps transportation factors identify when a business carrying debt opens under a new name.

Industry Outlook: Factoring Withstands the Test of Time

With all the economic uncertainty in the market and traditional credit struggling to return to normal levels, one thing is certain: Factoring will remain a solution to help small- and mid-sized businesses with their cash needs. Factoring has a long history in the world of credit and has stood the test of time when it comes to financing a growing business.

Postcard From the Future: This Year, Factors to Flock to a ‘Capital’ Location

As has been their custom for the past 17 years, factors worldwide are scheduled to congregate in the early spring — this time descending up the nation’s capital on April 13-16 at the Omni Shoreham. With more than cherry blossoms in their minds, these professionals look forward to the educational and networking opportunities the International Factoring Association’s main event has to offer.

For the Love of Factoring –— Industry Consultant Discusses Business Climate

With a career at a variety of leading factoring organizations, Darla Auchinachie knows her way around the industry. Now as a consultant, she aids those companies that benefit from her insight — and for that reason ABF Journal asked Darla for her thoughts on the industry now that the economy seems better poised for a recovery.