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The Post-Recession Environment… A ‘Mixed Bag’ for Factoring Companies

Neville Grusd, COO at Merchants Factors, provides commentary on how the factoring industry changed in the post-recession environment and walks us through a series of scenarios that give dimension to this multi-faceted industry. Grusd adds a few thought-provoking insights to provide texture in describing why the current environment is a “mixed bag” for factors.

Industry Outlook: Factoring Withstands the Test of Time

With all the economic uncertainty in the market and traditional credit struggling to return to normal levels, one thing is certain: Factoring will remain a solution to help small- and mid-sized businesses with their cash needs. Factoring has a long history in the world of credit and has stood the test of time when it comes to financing a growing business.

Postcard From the Future: This Year, Factors to Flock to a ‘Capital’ Location

As has been their custom for the past 17 years, factors worldwide are scheduled to congregate in the early spring — this time descending up the nation’s capital on April 13-16 at the Omni Shoreham. With more than cherry blossoms in their minds, these professionals look forward to the educational and networking opportunities the International Factoring Association’s main event has to offer.