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Minimizing Fraud… Checks, Balances & Vigilance Go a Long Way

Fraud not only costs a company money, but also can affect its relationship with shareholders, employees, customers, vendors and financial institutions. Riveron Consulting’s Andy Baker explains how strong policies and consistent oversight can go a long way toward minimizing the possibility of fraud.

Distressed Debt & the Chief Restructuring Officer Understanding the Philosophy, Psychology and Politics

In Part I of this two-part article, Ken Naglewski of Seabiscuit Partners, opined that a chief restructuring officer (CRO) needs to be at least equally adept at behavioral psychology as she or he is in restructuring and turnaround strategies and tactics and be politically astute. In Part II, the author examines further the difficulties encountered in restructuring situations caused by the realities of organizational dynamics and human behavior, and provides some tactics that have proven successful in distressed situations.