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Growth Through Expansion: Lessons Learned and Pitfalls to Avoid

In today’s economic environment, maintaining market share and revenue are oftentimes a daunting challenge. Growing revenue — even more so. If you conclude that the acquisition route is a good mechanism to achieve this growth, proceed cautiously! With the proper planning, third-party involvement, due diligence and integration, you should be able to make it a successful effort.

Fast-Tracking the Due Diligence Process

Missing deadlines, poor data and information flow, and reworking previously completed borrowing bases and valuations engender costs that fall heavily on service providers, but also impact the resources of a lender. Deals subject to extensive delays form a poor foundation for future cooperation between the lender and the company. The following article offers five point to consider in order to avoid a drain on resources — financial or otherwise.

‘Old School’ Underwriting & Risk Management

There’s nothing like a fresh start. With the economy just starting to level out and a rebound expected to start in 2010, now is as good time a time as any to get back to the basics. 1st West’s Jerry Oldham tells us why the four Cs of Credit still matter.