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In This Upside- Down WorldBorrowers & Lenders Find

Ways to Ride It Out
Finding Value in Intellectual Property Subject Licenses
By Christopher G. Dorman, Phillips Lyttle

Shakespeare’s Hamlet famously asked, “To be or not to be?” Financing arrangements secured by intellectual property (IP) are commonplace nowadays, and “to lend or not to lend” on licensed IP is a question surely weighing on the minds of many asset-based lenders. (Ref # LGL097)

If Properly Managed, U.S. Manufacturing Can Be Competitive
By Richard Hersher, Focus Management Group

In this extensive look into U.S. manufacturing, Focus Management Group’s Richard Hersher delves into the true costs — both standard and hidden — associated with offshore manufacturing and ways of reducing these costs. (Ref # GEN017)

Collateral Valuations for the Wine Industry — In Vino Veritas

Allen R. Balik and Lester M. Friedman, Great American Group Advisory & Valuation Services

For many in the asset-based lending community, the wine industry can be daunting and confusing — especially when it comes to valuations. Wineries seeking asset-based loans to pay for mergers and acquisitions, new equipment and other needs must prove themselves credit-worthy, so collateral valuation is key. (Ref # APP041)

From All Facets

MidCapFinancial: ‘Seeing It All’ in Healthcare Finance

In November 2008, the commercial finance world took notice when Howard Widra and a seasoned team of healthcare finance lenders announced the formation of MidCap Financial. This issue, ABF Journal spends time with Widra to learn more about MidCap and where its headed. (Ref # EXEC070)

Facing the Facts in Today’s Healthcare Industry
By Suzanne Koenig, SAK Management Services and Nancy A. Peterman, Greenberg Traurig

With the budget constraints facing many states and the competing attention for federal funding, the healthcare industry has experienced, and likely will continue to experience, significant challenges over the next several years. However, this vital industry presents some interesting opportunities for growth. (Ref # TM094)

Build Your Personal Brand, Boost Your New Business Pipeline

Ann-Margret Crater, CIT Trade Finance

Social networking terms have become so prevalent recently that it is not uncommon to see a front-page article in the business press that mentions one or all of them. But what does it mean to professionals in the asset-based lending industry? (Ref # FAC086)


What it Takes to Ride Out This Storm

Gary B. Rosenbaum and Jean B. LeBlanc, McDermott Will & Emery

To adopt a wait-and-see approach to today’s frozen credit environment and other recessionary pressures is extremely risky; savvy borrowers need to meet head on the current challenges by exploring the deleveraging devices and other options that will be evolving during the remainder of this restructuring cycle. (Ref # LGL098)

Keeping a Watch on Your Agent Lender’s Health

Paul H. Shur, Sills Cummis & Gross

The effect of both the severity of the current economic decline and the scope of recent legislation drafted to address it has the potential to affect specific elements of financial practice. Paul Shur returns to discuss one such element: agent lenders in a participation in times of economic instability. (Ref # LGL099)

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