ABF Journal, February 2008
February 2008

Spotlight on Private Equity


2008 Outlook: A Survey of What Manufacturing CFOs Expect
By Joyce White, Bank of America Business Capital

Joyce White summarizes the results of Bank of America’s 10 th annual survey of mid- and large-sized U.S. manufacturing company CFOs. Not surprisingly, they are most concerned about the impact the deteriorating housing market and rising oil prices will have on the economy. (Ref # IND106)

Know When to Merge, When to Maneuver in Today’s Credit Jam
By Thomas Bonney, CMF Associates

In order to work their way through the mounting traffic jam, asset-based lenders must keep an eye on the lines of cars ahead, know who is on the path with them, where they are headed and what the underlying travel conditions are at the moment. (Ref # IND107)

Evaluating Your Investments in Manufacturing
By Douglas G. Greer and Richard W. Germuska, Loughlin Meghji & Co.

By grouping their inquiries into three primary categories, gathering some key data points and asking the right questions, investors in manufacturing operations can determine whether a plant can meet its requirements at a competitive cost. Of course, asking the questions is simple, but getting the correct answers can be a challenge… (Ref # TM074)

Profile of Success

Riches From Niches: The Medallion Financial Story
By Christopher Moraff, Associate Editor

Seventy years ago, a Polish immigrant named Leon Murstein bought a single taxicab and started the company that would become Medallion Financial. Today, with nearly $1 billion worth of loans under its belt, this family business is still about making dreams one cab at a time. (Ref # COMP027)

Wrap Up

Cerberus, United Rentals ‘Call it Quits’
By Christopher Moraff, Associate Editor

In July 2007, United Rentals announced it would be acquired by affiliates of Cerberus Capital Management. By mid-November, Cerberus said the deal was off and the jilted rental company fought hard — albeit in vain — to consummate the deal. (Ref # MERG006)


As Other Private Equity Deals Stall…
By Amanda L. Gutshall, Assistant Editor

In a time when many private equity firms are pulling out of transactions, Insight Equity was able to step up and acquire Atwood Mobile Products for $160.2 million, closing the deal just five weeks after receiving the proposal. (Ref # IND108)

Capturing Breakup Value and Creating Leverage in Distressed Sales
By Jeff Jones, Barrier Advisors

In the first in a series of three articles on Distressed Sales that will appear in the ABF Journal, we focus on ways to create leverage and maximize value in distressed company sales. (Ref # TM075)


Actual Test, Footstar Approach Govern DIP’s Ability in Executory Contracts
By Mark G. Douglas, Jones Day Business Restructuring Review

Even with all the changes to the bankruptcy laws two years ago, many questions remain, especially regarding what a Chapter 11 DIP or bankruptcy trustee can do with executory contracts. Mark Douglas provides an overview of court decisions that have considered these restrictions in the Code. (Ref # LGL081)