Daily News: August 17, 2012

Turnaround Management Society Publishes 2012 Journal

Turnaround Management Society said this year’s first issue of the Turnaround Management Journal just got published and will feature interesting articles about turnaround management, corporate restructuring, transformation management and change management.

The Society said the Journal includes two cases studies from Dr. Christoph Lymbersky about how to turn around American Airways and the German drug store chain Schlecker, which is very close to insolvency.

John M. Collard writes about “Building Value in Companies to Prepare them for Sale – Investing in Distressed Opportunities.”

Marc Blayney published wrote an article about buying a business to turn around: Making a turnaround work and Dr. Mike Teng compares transformation management to Admiral Zheng He transformation practice. But the issue also includes many more articles from Torben Rick, Matt Gallo, Clive Sexton as well as an Interview with Andre Lohn from Detecon about restructuring practice in the public sector.

A further special is a contribution by Dr. Lymbersky and Marc Wagner who argue for clearly distinguishing between, the terms Turnaround Management, Corporate Restructuring and Transformation Management by also introducing the Term Evolution Management.

This first issue in 2012 can be bought through Amazon and the Turnaround Management Society.