Daily News: July 30, 2019

Rosenthal Provides $4MM Facility for Luxury Apparel Brand

Rosenthal & Rosenthal completed a $4 million factoring facility with an emerging luxury apparel company.

The New York-based brand was experiencing a major uptick in sales, as a result of orders from both new and existing retail customers. To support the brand’s growth and to mitigate any future cash flow strains, the company was seeking a permanent working capital solution.

Rosenthal’s $4 million factoring facility not only supports future sales growth, but also provides the company with a sound credit solution to review and analyze orders from customers who are eager to incorporate the brand into their brick-and-mortar and e-commerce platforms.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to help support a stand-out company led by one of the most sought-after creative directors in the luxury space, as well as work alongside the investment firms that have already made a substantial capital contribution into the brand,” said Rosenthal Vice President of Business Development Andrew Barone.