Daily News: May 25, 2012

New Law Firm Launched to Support Middle-Market Businesses

In response to accelerating client focus on attorneys who think and act like entrepreneurs and business people, four Philadelphia area lawyers announced the launch of Royer Cooper Cohen Braunfeld (RCCB), effective June 1, 2012.

The firm, led by founders John E. Royer, Jr., Neil A. Cooper, Barry L. Cohen and Roger J. Braunfeld, is dedicated to providing clients with what they increasingly demand in today’s market – value-added, results-oriented, creative and sophisticated solutions for emerging growth and middle-market enterprises and the people who lead them, at fees that make sense.

With varied backgrounds as practitioners in large firms, founders of boutique firms, general counsels of technology companies, and entrepreneurs, the firm’s principals leverage their business acumen for the benefit of their clients.

To read the full text of the company’s press release, click here.