Daily News: July 16, 2012

Kohlberg Capital Changes Name to KCAP Financial

Kohlberg Capital Corporation announced that it has changed its corporate name to KCAP Financial, Inc. The company’s stock will continue trading on the NASDAQ under the “KCAP” ticker symbol.

The company’s common stock has been assigned a new CUSIP number of 48668E 101 in connection with the name change. Outstanding stock certificates are not affected by the name change and will not need to be exchanged.

“The company believes that the proposed name change to KCAP Financial, Inc., appropriately reflects its business activities and will help preserve the Company’s brand recognition,” said Dayl Pearson, president and CEO of KCAP Financial, Inc.

The company’s corporate website address will change from www.kohlbergcapital.com to www.KCAPFinancial.com, effective July 16, 2012.

KCAP Financial, Inc. is a publicly traded, internally managed business development company. The company’s middle-market investment business originates, structures, finances and manages a portfolio of term loans, mezzanine investments and selected equity securities in middle-market companies.