Daily News: January 27, 2014

Jaggard Replaces Sunshine as Veritas CEO

Veritas Financial Partners announced that Gary E. Jaggard was appointed chairman and CEO of the company, effective immediately. He previously served as chief credit officer, and retains that title.

Veritas said Mark A. Sunshine stepped down as chairman and CEO.

The company said Jaggard is ideally positioned to lead Veritas through its next phase. Over the course of his tenure as an executive at Veritas, Jaggard has been involved as a key decision maker on every major business initiative and has led its credit committee. He also brings a broad and deep knowledge of the company’s operations, clients, industry and culture to his new roles.

Prior to joining Veritas in 2012, Jaggard was managing partner at Comvest Capital. He served as fund manager of two direct lending funds with combined assets under management of approximately $500 million. He has over three decades of experience in all aspects of asset-based lending, senior secured financings and asset management. “I am pleased to accept these new roles, and I am prepared to lead the management team and employees,” said Jaggard.