Based in West Bend, WI, Serigraph, a specialty printer, has a nationwide footprint, delivering custom printing solutions for a wide variety of industries, including automotive, medical, consumer goods, QSR and more. The company’s core business is built on being flexible for the needs of its customers.

When the team at Serigraph started looking for business financing, it discovered that traditional banks could not meet its needs.

Gibraltar Business Capital (GBC) was able to provide a credit facility of $20 million for Serigraph. The team built a borrowing base that included higher than traditional advance rates against certain classes of A/R and Inventory as well as value for additional asset classes including life insurance, equipment and real estate – a structure designed to maximize liquidity for the Serigraph organization.

Aditionally, GBC offered covenant flexibility that gave the Serigraph leadership team greater freedom to focus on building the business, rather than worrying about adhering to strict covenant guidelines.

“The comfort we gained from meeting the team of decision makers at GBC directly was invaluable,” Sean Torinus, CEO of Serigraph, said. “The trusting relationships we built with the GBC team together with a standout structuring proposal ultimately made the difference in our decision to choose Gibraltar as our financing partner for this next phase of our business.”