Gerber Finance provided a $5 million line of credit to Honey Stinger, a maker of sports nutrition products for athletes. The deal was structured based on e-commerce and intellectual property and completed under the Naturally Gerber Finance division, which serves companies in the natural products space.

Honey Stinger makes products including waffles, energy chews and gels, bars and rapid hydration mixes. The line of credit from Gerber will provide additional working capital to aid Honey Stinger.

“We are flexible and really customize each line of financing to meet the specific needs of the company. We’re excited to help Honey Stinger reach new heights with this funding based on their e-commerce sales and intellectual property,” Jennifer Palmer, CEO of Gerber Finance, said. “We look forward to seeing Honey Stinger continue to lead in the energy performance category.”

“Gerber Finance came highly recommended to us,” Sarah Mallicote, CFO of Honey Stinger, said. “We wanted a partner that was fast and efficient, and Gerber’s quick response time and no-nonsense attitude immediately impressed us. With their extensive knowledge in the natural product industry, flexible financing options and accommodating team, they were the natural choice.”