Jessica Simpson and her business partner/mother, Tina Simpson, repurchased and now fully own the Jessica Simpson Collection. Jessica Simpson and Tina Simpson self-financed the purchase, with First Eagle Alternative Credit and WhiteHawk Capital providing additional funds.

“First Eagle Alternative Credit is excited to be part of the financing and looks forward to supporting the company’s strategic growth,” Larry Klaff, senior managing director for First Eagle Alternative Credit, said.

Founded in 2005, the Jessica Simpson Collection is a lifestyle concept inspired by and designed in collaboration with Jessica Simpson. The brand currently offers 32 product categories, including footwear, apparel, fragrance, luggage, fashion accessories, handbags, jewelry, maternity apparel, girls’ clothing and home goods. The brand is supported by nearly 20 licensees and has department store distribution in addition to an e-commerce business.

“I am humbled to reclaim 100% of my brand and my name,” Jessica Simpson, CEO of the Jessica Simpson Collection, said. “I am so proud of the work we have done in building a complete lifestyle brand that is fashion forward and relatable to all kinds of women. It is my honor to partner with the greatest leader, my mom, for this next phase that will see us continuing to bring our customers a quality product at an affordable price point. I appreciate the steadfast support of our truly awesome licensees and partners and look forward to many more years of meaningful, successful collaboration. The sky is the limit for this magical brand that all started with a pair of cowboy boots and a dream.”

“Jessica has a uniquely personal connection to her fans and our customers,” Tina Simpson, president of the Jessica Simpson Collection, said. “She is the ultimate muse in every way. I am thrilled to partner with her to bring the Jessica Simpson Collection to the next level as we step into 100% ownership of the brand. It is my pleasure and honor to lead our talented team of passionate, dedicated, smart women and work hand in hand with our world class licensees to deliver product and build a legacy that we are all immensely proud of.”

William Sussman of Threadstone Advisors was responsible for structuring the transaction along with Jessica Simpson Collection CFO Jeff Howald. Mitchell C. Littman, Esq., of Littman Krooks advised on corporate legal matters and Mette Kurth, Esq., from Culhane Meadows advised on bankruptcy matters. Chuck W. Grimes from Grimes advised on intellectual property law. David Levin of DL Business Management serves as Jessica Simpson’s business manager.