Daily News: September 16, 2014

Fifth Street Receives Co-Investment Exemptive Order from SEC

Fifth Street Finance and Fifth Street Senior Floating Rate received an exemptive order from the SEC that allows each of FSC and FSFR to participate in negotiated co-investment transactions with certain affiliates, including other funds managed by their investment adviser, Fifth Street Management (FSM), subject to the conditions included in the Order. FSC and FSFR can now co-invest with each other as well as the private funds managed by FSM.

“The order gives FSC and FSFR greater scale and flexibility to deploy capital effectively and efficiently,” said Leonard M. Tannenbaum, FSM’s CEO, adding, “We can now hold up to $250 million per transaction across the platform and possess a greater ability to enhance portfolio diversification and optimize individual investment sizes. We believe these new capabilities are strong differentiators in the middle market, allowing us to better support our private equity sponsor clients and broaden our already robust pipeline.”