The partners and colleagues of Boston-based CPA firm Edelstein are joining EisnerAmper, a global business advisory firm, in a combination expected to close in June.

“Clients want their financial issues solved, concerns lessened, and lives made easier. This spurs us to go the extra mile, because our clients’ success is completely interconnected with our own,” Scott B. Kaplowitch, managing partner of Edelstein, said. “EisnerAmper is also a ‘go-the-extra-mile’ type of firm. We welcome the opportunity to leverage EisnerAmper’s vast resources in expertise and technology to help take our client service capabilities to the next level.”

“For 50+ years, the professionals at Edelstein have been trusted business advisors. That type of longevity is a powerful testament to Edelstein’s leadership, practitioners and approach,” Jay Weinstein, vice chair of industries and markets of EisnerAmper, said. “We warmly welcome our new colleagues from Edelstein, and we’re extremely excited about the opportunities in the ultra-critical Boston market.”

“Both EisnerAmper and Edelstein have stellar reputations. This combination is a great fit for EisnerAmper’s growth plan and Edelstein’s strategy to leverage additional services and expertise,” Bill Reeb, CEO of the Succession Institute, which advised both firms on the deal, said. “This move makes a lot of sense for both firms and promises to greatly benefit their clients.”