Bridge Bank’s East Bay commercial and industrial banking group extended a $2.5 million credit facility to NORCAL Ambulance, a specialty-care transport company administratively based in Livermore, CA, with stations throughout Northern California. NORCAL Ambulance will use the new credit facility to expand operations, with $2 million allocated for new ambulances and $500,000 allocated for gurneys.

“The last several years have brought significant growth to NORCAL Ambulance, as we’ve expanded into new areas and further developed our levels of service,” Karla Nazareno, CEO of NORCAL Ambulance, said. “Our partnership with Bridge Bank has been instrumental in our success. We have been with Bridge Bank since 2010 and feel confident that we can always count on them for their support and ability to meet our banking needs so that NORCAL can continue to meet the needs of the communities we serve.”

NORCAL Ambulance has grown from a company that had 25 ambulances and 170 employees in 2011 to a business with more than 125 ambulances and more than 650 employees in 2021. Over the past year, NORCAL Ambulance has provided standby units to assist with COVID-19 patient transport and has worked with communities throughout the San Franciso Bay Area to provide emergency medical technicians to help with vaccination programs.

“While Bridge Bank is well-known for supporting companies in the technology and innovation sector, we certainly value our work and banking relationships with all kinds of businesses throughout Northern California,” Ryan Banta, senior director in Bridge Bank’s East Bay commercial and industrial banking group, said. “With its mission to care for patients and families in the communities they serve with integrity, dignity and compassion, NORCAL Ambulance is an asset to our region and we couldn’t be more pleased to help them expand their business.”