Bayside Business Solutions announced the release of Version 3.0.3 of its flagship product CADENCE, the complete commercial portfolio management system. The upgrade includes numerous enhancements to the Tracked A/R capability and Load Processor add-on module, introduces a tax monitoring interface and Responsive Design, and much more.

“The Tracked A/R enhancements take this functionality to a whole new level,” explained Tim Thornton, ABL project manager with Bayside. “The system can now calculate ineligibles, calculate contras, and create exception workflows on accounts receivable that are being monitored only—not purchased—which amps up the accuracy level considerably when assessing risk in an asset based lending relationship.”

The Load Processor add-on module sports new capabilities. “I love how you can settle loads automatically during purchase import, filter the load list by age, and easily void advances. Plus we’ve added two new tabs for tracking load verification results and all the load documentation. Those tools will really help transportation factors stay organized,” said Michelle Harris of Bayside.

Also being rolled out is a new tax-monitoring interface, which is a product of Bayside’s partnership with OutFront Services. The interface gives users access to OutFront’s highly informative tax reports directly in CADENCE. Whenever client information that warrants an alert is receive from the IRS, a notification is automatically sent to the lender within CADENCE, ensuring valuable insight doesn’t fall through the cracks.

How information is viewed, accessed, and delivered is a theme in the latest CADENCE release. Enhancements to viewing are best demonstrated in the new Responsive Design capabilities, which allow the CADENCE display to automatically reformat on smaller devices like tablets and smart phones.

“More and more, users are working away from their desks,” noted
Ed Majewski, development manager at Bayside. “We want to ensure they still have a good viewing experience on small screens. That can be a challenge when you’re delivering large amounts of detailed business data.” Information access has been improved by the addition of the Contact List for easy access to client and debtor contact information across the portfolio. Delivery improvements include being able to now email invoices and FTP reports directly from the system.

“There’s quite a lot to talk about in this release,” said Jeanne Moss, manager of Bayside Technical Services. “We’ll be offering educational webinars in the coming days to show clients all that’s available to them.”