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THE BANK ABL CONUNDRUM: Why Do Banks Fail to Sell This Excellent Product?

An increasing number of commercial banks are creating ABL divisions. Yet, as Charlie Perer muses, these divisions are still playing second fiddle to C&I and not receiving referrals from their C&I colleagues, even when ABL might be a more appropriate product and not utilizing it will cause a client to exit. He explains that breaking down the silos between divisions will serve customers more effectively and keep them as clients.

GOING UNDER FOR THE THIRD TIME? The State of Restructuring in Shipping

The ancient Phoenicians, plying their trade along the Mediterranean, were in thrall to the whims of the sea and never knew if their cargo would arrive safely or end up on the ocean floor. Today’s behemoth vessels are less threatened by wind and the waves than they are by government regulations and economic trade wars. George Mangos explains the complexity of restructuring in today’s maritime industry.