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Chapter 7 Trustee Elections… A Bankruptcy Tool for Greater Creditor Accountability

Making the Chapter 7 trustee accountable to unsecured creditors will instill more confidence in the post-bankruptcy process where unsecured creditors are often left with the perception that bankruptcy courts operate solely for the benefit of professionals. Jeffrey Wurst and Michael Amato, both of Ruskin Moscou Faltischek, say that by making the trustee more accountable, the process will also move at a quicker pace.

Forging Strong Growth — Sterling Merges with Provident to Expand Reach

In April 2013, Provident New York Bancorp and Sterling Bancorp announced they were to merge in a transaction valued at $344 million. As Sterling’s CFO Howard Applebaum explains to ABF Journal contributing editor Howard Brod Brownstein, the ultimate goal of the union is to expand product offerings, footprint and client base — while maintaining the high level of customer service for which both banks are known.

Rising Tide of Liquidity Lifting All Boats… As Regulatory Environment Evolves, ABL Growth in Europe Will Accelerate

Trimingham’s Hugh Larrett-Smith traces our asset-based lending roots back to the late 1800s and early 1900s when Paul Warburg was a transatlantic ABL “colossus.” Since then he sees an increasing willingness amongst UK and some European participants to work together towards the dream of achieving a true Pan-European syndicated loan market.