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Downturn Plus Four Years — State of the Capital Markets

Contributing editor Howard Brod Brownstein talks to five leading ABL capital markets players about market conditions now that the official end of the downturn is four years behind us. All agree that market conditions are extremely competitive — comparable to before the financial downturn — and that this trend will continue for the foreseeable future.

2013 ABL Volume Weighed Down by Refinancings

At just over $57 billion, Q1/13-Q3/13 ABL volume is comparable to the same period last year. However, less than 21% of ABL lending this year represents new loan assets. In a trend consistent with that of the broader leveraged loan market, lending during both years was heavily weighted toward refinancings, as issuers push out maturities and reduce spreads on existing credits.

New Chapter 11 Fee Guidelines… Will They Really Help to Contain Attorney’s Fees?

Recently the Office of the U.S. Trustee issued new guidelines for the payment of attorneys’ fees and expenses in Chapter 11 cases with $50 million or more in assets and $50 million or more in liabilities. According to K&L Gates’ Trey Monsour, compliance will be subjective and likely expensive for attorneys in large Chapter 11 cases, with the debtor ultimately bearing the additional costs.