Author: Markiesha Thompson

Wolters Kluwer

ENHANCING HQ: Alphen aan den Rijn, The Netherlands Wolters Kluwer has ramped up innovative advancements with the full incorporation of the eOriginal platform over the past year into its array of end-to-end digital offerings, providing lenders with new capabilities. Wolters Kluwer has been at the forefront of pioneering technologies in the digital lending arena […]


ENHANCING HQ: Minneapolis At Solifi, innovation is core to the value the company brings to market. By engaging with its customers closely and delivering the value they need, Solifi continues to produce market leading innovation for the asset based lending industry. Solifi’s mission to enhance the finance technology experience for those in the asset-based […]

Second Wind Consultants

ENHANCING HQ: Northampton, MA 800-594-7473 • Through Article 9 of the UCC, Second Wind Consultants is able to offer a holistic and efficient pre-packaged reorganization solution that avoids historical inefficiencies associated with mitigating distress. Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code was originally drafted as a liquidation sale mechanism for secured creditors, but this […]

Newpoint Advisors Corporation

ENHANCING Brentwood, TN 800-306-1250 • Newpoint Advisors Corporation, which was founded on helping lenders and borrowers make the most of the resources available, uses a “laboratory approach” to find solutions that target distressed borrowers, setting it apart in the asset-based lending industry. Newpoint Advisors Corporation has always employed innovative ideas to deliver high-quality, cost-effective […]

Lawrence Financial

ENHANCING HQ: Los Angeles 760-716-1900 • Lawrence Financial takes a creative approach to sourcing and structuring capital. Working with clients in stressful situations, the company’s team strives to save businesses and the communities they serve. Lawrence Financial boasts a successful track record of handling challenging and complex financial situations. For more than three decades, […]

Haversine Funding

ENHANCING HQ: Dallas Haversine Funding delivers a comprehensive lender finance and participation program that enables commercial finance platforms to grow and achieve financial success for their underlying small and midsized clients. Haversine Funding is a leading provider of specialized lender finance solutions tailored to the specific growth stages of lenders. Its unique offering exclusively […]

Gordon Brothers

ENHANCING HQ: Boston 888-424-1903 • For 120 years, Gordon Brothers has been trusted to help businesses maximize liquidity through realizable asset value by providing the people, expertise and capital to solve business challenges. Gordon Brothers is a global asset optimization firm that helps businesses maximize liquidity through realizable asset value. The firm’s integrated service […]


ENHANCING HQ: Ellicott City, MD 410-747-7994 • FinSoft has been on the cutting edge of asset-based lending software for nearly 30 years, but rather than remaining complacent, it continues to enhance its product offerings and impress its clients. Years of innovation rather than stagnation have allowed FinSoft to find new ways to both improve […]


ENHANCING HQ: Burlingame, CA 866-632-7146 • Maintaining and improving the ease of asset-based lending by providing technological innovation, flexibility and efficiency in unpredictable times puts ABLSoft at the forefront of industry advancement. Innovation is one of ABLSoft’s core principles, imbuing it into its customer-first approach and the methodology it incorporates into each aspect of […]

U.S. Bank

ACCELERATING HQ: Minneapolis 800-872-2657 • U.S. Bank is proud of its ability to combine resources to anticipate change in a turbulent economy, adapting new technology to create innovative solutions to meet customer needs. U.S. Bank is committed to innovation and its team works diligently to create new possibilities for its customers. As digital interactions […]