FDIC Issues Underwriting Trends Survey

The FDIC issued its winter issue of the “Underwriting Trends and Other Highlights” survey which focuses on trends in underwriting, loan growth and funding.

Q3 Bank Earnings Improve Amid Concerns over Lending Conditions

The FDIC reported industry net income was 5.2% higher in Q3/17 versus a year earlier on higher net interest income. The regulator noted, however, that “competitive lending conditions continue to pose challenges.”

Bank Year/Year Earnings 10.7% Higher in Q2/17

The FDIC reported bank aggregate net income of $48.3 in Q2/17 was up $4.7 billion or 10.7% from a year earlier. The regulator noted the increase was mainly attributable to a 9.1% gain in net interest income.

FDIC Reports Syndicated Loan Risk Remains High

According to the FDIC’s recently released Shared National Credit Program Review, regulators said risk in the portfolio of large syndicated bank loans declined slightly but remains elevated.

FDIC: Bank FY Earnings Rise Despite 29% Increase in Loan Losses

The FDIC reported full-year 2016 earnings rose to $171.3 billion, up 4.9% compared to 2015. The regulator noted that loan loss provisions totaled $47.8 billion in 2016, an increase of 28.8% from 2015.

Regulators Reject Wells Fargo ‘Living Will’ Plan, Impose Restrictions

The FDIC and Federal Reserve rejected Wells Fargo’s latest “living will” plan and, as a result, have placed restrictions on the bank’s ability to grow its international and non-bank activities.

FDIC: Q2/16 Loan Growth Higher, Noncurrent C&I Loans Increase  

The FDIC reported expanding loan portfolios generated higher levels of net income in Q2/16. The regulator also noted noncurrent C&I loans increased with charge-offs up 13% year/year.

FDIC: ‘Banks Operating in Challenging Environment’

The FDIC reported, “The banking industry continued to improve in Q4/15. However, banks must remain vigilant as they manage interest-rate risk, credit risk and evolving market conditions.”

FDIC: Banks Q3 Earnings up 5.1%; Chairman Warns of Credit Risk

The FDIC reported Q3/15 bank net income of $40.4 billion was up 5.1% or $1.9 billion from a year earlier. Chairman Martin J. Gruenberg noted “signs of growing interest-rate risk and credit risk that warrant attention.”

FDIC Reports JPMorgan Chase #1 in U.S. Deposit Growth

The FDIC reported that for the third consecutive year, JPMorgan Chase led the U.S. in deposit growth as customers added $51 billion to their bank accounts — nearly twice as much as any other bank.