Daily News: October 2, 2014

Tiger, GA Global to Auction Todd-Soundelux Assets

By order of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Tiger Group’s Remarketing Services Division and GA Global Partners will conduct a public webcast auction at 10:30 a.m. (PT) on October 7, 2014, and October 8, 2014, to sell all of the sound mixing, mobile editing, recording, computer networking, projection and other equipment, as well as office furniture and furnishings from the Todd-Soundelux bankruptcy. More than 3,000 lots of equipment and other assets from the company’s Lantana, Burbank, Seward and Hollywood facilities will be available at this two-day online event.

Key sound assets featured in the auction include Avid Icon dual operator consoles and hundreds of Pro Tools HD systems, eight System 5 dual operator Euphonics consoles, hundreds of Euphonics interface components, and more than 50 mobile editorial rigs. Also available is a wide selection of microphones from companies like Beyer, Sony, Neumann, and Sennheiser; and outboard gear from Aphex, Amek, Dolby, Eventide, and others.

Monitors and loudspeakers include gear manufactured by Auratone, Bag End, and BMS. Amplifiers and speaker management systems include units from Alesis, Bryston, Cinepro, and Martinsound. Metering, audio recorders and decoders and projection and display equipment will also be offered.

Computer and networking equipment includes more than 200 Apple Mac Pro dual and quad core units, Mac XServer and XRaid units, Acer and Samsung monitors, and more. Furniture, furnishings and business equipment include Herman Miller Aeron chairs, reception and sound stage sofas, club chairs, office furniture from the Burbank facility, as well as printers and full-featured copiers.

“Todd-Soundelux grew through the consolidation of several high-end post production studios, bringing together a deep and vast selection of sound, projection and editing gear,” noted Jeff Tanenbaum, president of Tiger Remarketing. “This sale features equipment that will suit the broad tastes of pro-sound engineers and production facilities, as well as AV enthusiasts and the general public.”

Todd-Soundelux provided postproduction services for notable titles, including Black Sails, Game of Thrones, Mad Men, NCIS, and CSI. Its roots go back to the 1950s, when Todd-Soundelux was known as Todd-AO, originally promoting the then-revolutionary widescreen cinema format developed by Broadway producer Mike Todd.

To pre-bid, starting October 1, and/or follow along real-time with the webcast auction on October 7 and 8, click here.