Daily News: April 3, 2014

Thomson Reuters Hosts 2nd Annual Middle Market Loans Conference

Thomson Reuters announced it is hosting its 2nd annual Middle Market Loans Conference May 29, 2014, at the Marriott Marquis in New York City.

Interest in middle market lending has increased as a result of recent growth and opportunity in this specialized segment of the loan market. Thomson Reuters’ one-day event is dedicated specifically to middle market lending and will help attendees frame and understand the history and future potential for this sector and its components.

Hundreds of bankers, investors and borrowers will attend the day of in-depth discussion of the history and future potential for this sector and its components, with panels featuring industry experts.

Some topics that will be discussed at this year’s Middle Market Conference include:

  • How are middle market issuers feeling about the economy? When will corporate borrowing pick up?
  • Are issuers ready to pull the trigger on M&A?
  • Is the bid-ask spread coming together for middle market private equity shops? When will LBO volume return to pre-crisis levels?
  • How much looser can structures get? Will covenant-lite gain traction in the middle market?
  • Which structures are sponsors favoring? Is the unitranche gaining market share? How will last-out term loans and second liens fare in the next downturn?
  • How much higher can leverage levels go? Could we return to pre-credit crisis levels in the near term?
  • How are banks adapting to the Leveraged Lending Guidance and FDIC assessments? Are banks pulling back from leveraged lending?
  • How is the investor base evolving in the middle market? Who is raising funds and how much demand is out there?
  • Are BDC’s poised to grow? Will BDCs get the go ahead for 2x leverage and what does it mean for lending dynamics?
  • How do you differentiate amongst BDCs in terms of manager, performance?
  • How will middle market CLOs be impacted by new regulations? What is the outlook for issuance?
  • The full agenda is coming soon. Visit the website for the latest details at: click here.

    Sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please contact Natalie Bonelli (natalie [dot] bonelli [at] thomsonreuters [dot] com) for information on sponsoring LPC’s Middle Market Conference.

    Space for this event is extremely limited and is going fast. Last year’s conference sold out weeks before the event took place. Don’t miss out — register today.

    click here.

    lpc [dot] conference [at] thomsonreuters [dot] com