Daily News: April 21, 2014

Study: The Nation’s 5 Best Banks

According to a Motley Fool report, citing recent customer satisfaction data, the five top banks in the nation (serving at least three of the 11 surveyed regions) are TD Bank, PNC Financial, JPMorgan Chase’s Chase Bank, SunTrust Bank and U.S. Bancorp.

According to the report, customers rated the banks in five key categories:

  • Product offerings – The variation and specialization of available account options, ease in making account changes, effectiveness of communication regarding account information, and competitiveness of offered interest rates.
  • Facility – Ease of access to the financial institution, including number of branches and hours of operations.
  • Account information – Clarity and ease of understanding of account information provided by the institution.
  • Fees – Understanding of the institution’s fee structure.
  • Account activities – Assessment of various methods of executing transactions, including: in-person, ATMs, online and mobile banking, and telephone transactions.

To read the entire Motley Fool report, click here.